Editing a List

Editing a list with the website

Sometimes it’s useful to edit a list you created previously. Maybe you need to adjust quantities, or add a new item, perhaps something was discontinued and you’d like to replace it. To do any of these things, first you need to load the list in question. Do this by navigating to the get page which is linked at the top as “Get a saved list”. On that page, plug in the list ID and hit the button; this will load your list and at the bottom present a toolbar with several actions. One of those is “Edit List”. Once you click on it, you’ll be directed to the make page with your list preloaded and the list vendor locked to whichever was used to make the original list. Now you can make changes like adding new items, changing quantities or removing items already there. Once you’re done with the modifications, don’t forget to click “Save List”. Going forward when people view or load your list using the original list ID will get the modified version of it. You’re free to make changes as much as needed too.

Editing a cart with the extension

Share-A-Cart has features for advanced users too. Say you made a list a long time ago, but some items on it are not on sale anymore. Perhaps you found some substitutions that make for better recommendations or you want to add more items to some list to match a blog post you updated where the list is embedded. This can be done! Click on the extension icon, then in the popup click on the History icon which is the clock. This will open a page containing all the lists you’ve created and received.

There are several actions you can take for each list, but for this tutorial we’ll just click on the “Edit Cart” button. This will bring up a page on share-a-cart.com that will allow you to modify the list. This will work for the vendors that the website supports, Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, AliExpress and Walmart. You can add new items by searching for them, you can remove existing items too. When you’re done, click “Save List” to commit the changes you’ve made. You may also add a descriptive title to your list.

If you’d like to modify from a long list of other vendors that are supported in the browser extension, click on “Receive Cart” instead. This action will load the current list into your cart with that on-line store where you’ll be able to modify it. After you’re done, use the Share-A-Cart extension to create a new list.

By the way, if you’d like to remove a list from your history page, you can do so with the “Delete Cart” button. Don’t forget that we do not keep any personal information, including a record of lists you’ve created, once you remove the list from your history it can only be loaded by the Cart ID.

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