List History

List history is only available with the Share-A-Cart extensions.

You’ve been using Share-A-Cart for months now and suddenly you remembered that there is a list that you made a while ago that has a bunch of useful items that you can share with a coworker who’s just getting into bread making. Problem is you can’t remember the list code.

Fear not!

The Share-A-Cart extension keeps a history of your created and received lists. Click on the clock icon in the extension popup to be directed to the list of all your carts. From there you can view, edit and share them. You can also remove them if you prefer they weren’t kept anymore.

By the way, if you’d like to remove a list from your history page, you can do so with the “delete cart” button. Don’t forget that we do not keep any personal information, including a record of lists you’ve created, once you remove the list from your history it can only be loaded by the Cart ID.

This is how List History looks like

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